About Us!

My name Andrea. Why I Write This Blog.

Even although I even have journey operating within the monetary institution and monetary business for extra than 15 years, I ought to admit that managing private and / or household budget in a wholesome method isn't easy. I experienced that journey myself.

Ups and downs earlier than household budget are wholesome enough. Even now, my family's monetary condition isn't perfect, it's nonetheless WIP ... "work in progress".

It's sad to see pals who've a nice sales (i.e. a big salary) but whose monetary condition is way from wholesome (minimal savings, credits score card debt, etc.) as a consequence in their loss of figuring out about managing budget properly. Ironically again, simply due to the fact they assume big sales = wholesome finances, they're usually now not conscious and don't desire to invite how one can handle budget properly.

Many pals journey the similar problem, a big sales or wage each month would now not ensure enough investment or savings, and a few are even trapped in debt. It is difficult to trust that the meant center magnificence to have nice monetary knowledge, in fact, is not.

My workforce and I write this weblog with the goal of sharing, sharing, about how one can handle wholesome household finances. My private journey and wisdom gained from reading, attending seminars and trainings, I share here.

Hope here's useful!

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